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We’re all in it together: entrepreneurs, talent- and collaboration partners, combined with education, government. Together we are building a vital, enterprising Breda!

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You have many ambitions. You want to grow, become more sustainable, digitize, internationalize, collaborate more with other businesses, and attract talent. Whether you're looking for the right network, a suitable platform, or just want to have a discussion, think of BredaBusiness. We have everything you need to help you accelerate.

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Breda, as a city, also has grand ambitions. As a city in the green, welcoming, and limitless. As an international hotspot for applied technology and creativity. All the ingredients are here to make Breda a leading player in this field. BredaBusiness is the catalyst and initiator to put Breda on the map. We provide you with a platform. Locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. We are the driving force that connects and facilitates collaboration between businesses, education, and government. Because when we work together, we'll soar.


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Entrepreneurship takes guts. Peaks and troughs, trial and error. As an entrepreneur you think in terms of opportunities. You want to move forward. Sometimes you can use some help, knowledge or inspiration. BredaBusiness is there for you as an entrepreneur. We offer knowledge and inspiration to all entrepreneurs. Here you will find everything you need to know about current topics in the entrepreneurial field. From business establishment and personnel to networking and innovation.

Whether you have been running a business in Breda for generations or are considering establishing yourself here. In Breda we do business together! Together with education, entrepreneurs and the government. With the talents of tomorrow. With our partners in cooperation. Regionally, nationally and internationally. Together we build a vital and enterprising Breda!

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