We are BredaBusiness

In Breda we do business together

In Breda, we do business together. Entrepreneurs, with talent and and collaborating partners. Together with education, and government, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Together we are building a vital and enterprising Breda.

You belong to BredaBusiness! Whether in Breda for generations or just considering establishing here; a creative inventor, young professional, IT specialist, someone with a retail concept or who can enrich our hospitality industry, or international logistics.

Welcome to Breda!

Welcome to Breda!

Join our community!

Bringing people together is in Breda’s DNA. Her sights are set firmly on a future as an international hotspot for applied technology & creativity. Here innovation, creativity, international networking, and collaboration combine with studying, and passions for culture, nature and enjoying the good life together.

Our core business

Breda = International Hotspot for AT&C

We profile Breda nationally and internationally as a hotspot for applied technology and creativity, connecting with a growing number of ambassadors for the field. We increase the international appeal of the city and enhance the visibility of our efforts in technology ecosystem and creativity.

Let's connect! Community building

Together we build a strong community, both on- and offline. We stimulate knowledge sharing, innovation, and meetings. We link networks and help formulate surprising collaborations.

Tailor-made services. On demand.

Tailor-made services are essential. We have specialists in labour markets, account management and investment promotion. Personal sparring partners who speak the language of entrepreneurship. Responding quickly is our daily business. Question? Help? Need support? We're here for you!

Next steps for SMES

Sustainable and digital entrepreneurship. You can't ignore it, but how do you take the first step? We offer SMEs the practical tools to get started right away. Share experiences with Breda entrepreneurs and the crossovers between the sectors of applied technology, and creativity and SMEs. If they can do it, so can you!

Breda is an enormous breeding ground

With excellent educational institutions, Breda is an enormous breeding ground for talent. Talent that we like to encourage to stay in the city by helping them connect to the business community. It's no secret that entrepreneurs like to tap this rich pool of talent. We are the link between education, entrepreneurs, and government.

About BredaBusiness

In Breda we do business together. We are there for and by enterprising Breda, talent, and collaboration partners. We surprise, inspire, and connect. We inform about current themes in the field of entrepreneurship. From practical tools to exclusive entrepreneurial stories. Need knowledge, help or inspiration? We show you the way in the economic field and are the first point of contact for you as an entrepreneur within the municipality. Thanks to our large (international) network, we can quickly locate with relevant partners.

Our team

Network of collaborating partners

Of course, we don't do this alone. We are part of a national and international network of collaborating partners. We bring, collect, and share knowledge with, and between, the partners. We strengthen strategy and vision. Within the municipality and beyond. For a future-proof economy, together with education, government, and entrepreneurs.

Breda Brings It Together!

Need help?

We're here for you!

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have about doing business in Breda and offer the help you need.