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Tim van Oerle co-founder, Natuurhuisje / Naturehouse

"Shopstreaming gives a glimpse into the future"

Sjoerd van Oosten Co-owner, Handpicked Agencies

"I wanted to contribute something meaningful to Breda - that was sustainability."

Luara Kamma-Moore Founder, Elemental Eco

"Although CM.com is an international company, our roots are still in Breda"

Cem Turk Software engineer, CM.com

"We’ve been living in Breda for six years, and we can clearly notice it becoming more international"

Elisa Ciuffarella & Patrick van der Pol Founders, De Commune

"In Breda, I found a rhythm that I could hold much better"

Alberto Pistis Finance Manager, AMGEN

"With ScenTronix we are reinventing the future of the perfume industry"

Frederik Duerinck originally a filmmaker and artist, is now at the intersection of art, technology and start-up, owner of ScenTronix, ScenTronix

"We've always stayed in Breda, apparently we feel at home here"

Lieve Declercq Managing Director, SPIE Netherlands

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