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Breda’s residents love their city. All those who live, work, study or visit here experience the warm hospitality. Breda has it all: a rich history, vibrant present and a future full of ambition! A city which also enjoys a warm connection to the surrounding villages and nature.


Welcome to Breda

Welcome to Breda

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Bringing people together is in Breda’s DNA. Her sights are set firmly on a future as an international hotspot for applied technology & creativity. Here innovation, creativity, international networking, and collaboration combine with studying, and passions for culture, nature and enjoying the good life together.

Limitless, Welcoming, Green


We are developing into an increasingly international city. Breda’s focus on creativity and technological innovation draws more international technical companies to establish themselves here. Our universities of applied sciences also attract more international students.


Breda was voted Best City Centre in the Netherlands from the end of 2017 until spring 2021. A title to be proud of! Now we have our sights set on a new title for 2030: Most Hospitable European City Centre.


Breda: a city within a park! We take our responsibility for sustainability very seriously. And Breda is also literally green. Proportionately, one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands.

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Breda's unique location: International and central

Breda is centrally located between the European regions around the main ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp; between the financial centres of London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. It is directly connected to the European high-speed train network that provides access into mainland Europe and within an hour’s drive from Schiphol and four other European airports.

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Join the international community

More people with an international background strengthens the open attitude towards internationalisation and the international business climate. It is important that companies, employees, and students from abroad feel at home here. That is why Breda Internationals was established, a community for expatriates who live and work here. In Breda we consider the international community in all policy areas from business climate to housing, from culture to sports and from mobility to sustainability. Breda Internationals is an initiative of the Municipality of Breda, Avans, BUas, International School Breda and Holland Expat Center South.

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See, Do, Discover

From studying and working to living and leisure, Breda has a lot to offer. Our Blind Walls Gallery, the museum on the street, is one of the many highlights in terms of history and culture. Here more than 80 street-art murals by international artists tell stories of our city’s past, present, and future.

We have many large celebrations, (music) festivals, sporting events, cultural (open-air) events and exhibitions. Breda also warms the hearts of shopaholics, foodies, and nature lovers.

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Complete and unique offering

Breda’s attraction is constantly being enhanced by the municipality’s economic priority, city marketing (Breda Marketing), education and business. The basis for any good business climate is the quality of the residential and living situation. In order to fulfil the wishes of Breda’s residents, one must consider the opinions of talented (future) entrepreneurs around whom the business community revolves. With extensive focus on perception and a good mix of hospitality, retail, heritage, and culture.

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Experience our unique city

In Breda, the requirements of businesses and visitors coalesce beautifully. A lively city, with extraordinary places and events, that entice, fascinate. A place where you quickly feel at home. As part of the historical Barony, or ‘Landstad de Baronie,’ many elements of the sumptuous, aristocratic past still remain. To enhance your gatherings, delight your guests, and provide lasting memories. Embrace the surrounding nature and enjoy working and living along, and on, the water. There is plenty to explore, and more than enough reason to settle and stay!

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International business climate and strategic location

Breda is an excellent starting block for the attraction and maintenance of international companies. Our Account Managers of New Business target international headquarters, creative and technological companies. They do this together with partners from the region, province, and nation. The city has a strategic location in the Southwest Delta, between main ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and in the inland regions of north-western Europe. This provides a strong starting location for establishing international activity in the European market, and particularly in the Benelux.

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City map Breda

Want to explore the city? Download the city map of Breda and discover what makes our city so special.

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