International Business Climate

The expansion of the international school, a growing number of college students from abroad, cross-border cooperation, international events, and companies. The facts don't lie; Breda has a lively international business climate! With, among other things, a green, attractive environment, available housing, an attractive historic city centre, and cultural facilities, we develop and maintain relationships with international companies in our city and do our utmost to provide support!



Strategic location: International Hub

The city has a strategic location in the Southwest Delta, between main ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and in the inland regions of north-western Europe. This provides a strong starting location for establishment of international activity in the European market, and particularly in the Benelux. The accessibility is also due to the favourable location at a junction of major motorways, A16 (north-south) and A58 (east-west). In addition, there is also the HSL station for the international train connection Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris. Within an hour from Breda to Schiphol Airport/Amsterdam or Brussels. In short: a city with excellent accessibility!

Read more about Breda and it's ambitions in the International Brochure. 


Welcoming Breda Internationals: A warm expat community

More people with an international background strengthens the open attitude towards internationalisation and the international business climate. It is important that companies, employees, and students from abroad feel at home here. That is why Breda Internationals was established, a community for expatriates who live and work here. In Breda we consider the international community in all policy areas from business climate to housing, from culture to sports and from mobility to sustainability. Breda Internationals is an initiative of the Municipality of Breda, Avans, BUas, International School Breda and Holland Expat Center South.


International Companies

Increased internationalisation strengthens the open attitude toward the international business climate. Dutch tax advantages are attractive to international companies. The knowledge-worker scheme for expats is also a favourable. Thus, many companies choose the Netherlands for a regional headquarters for their European and/or Benelux activities. Companies are thus successfully enticed to the region. They choose Breda because of the favourable location, attractive residential and living climate and attractive fiscal climate of the Netherlands.


International Education

Breda University of Applied Sciences and Avans, our higher professional education institutions, are important for the international business climate. In the academic year 2018-2019, Breda had 1,400 foreign students who followed a full course in the Netherlands (minimum stay of 1 year). Our international elementary and secondary school was established in 2011: International School Breda. Due to overwhelming success, the school opened a modern, new building in April 2019.


Holland Expat Center South

This non-profit governmental agency provides free service for navigating immigration procedures. It is a joint initiative of participating municipalities, the Immigration and Naturalisation Services (IND), Brainpoirt Development and the province of Noord-Brabant. Their main focus is on helping expats feel welcome and at home.


Expat Information Desk in Breda

For when nothing but face-to-face will do, you can visit the Expat Information Desk in Breda (Mozartlaat 35, at the International School Breda) on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 12:00 during school weeks. Here you can also pick up a free copy of The Expat’s Guide, which provides current information concerning all things expat in the area. You can also download it, and ‘The International Student’s Guide to Brabant’ here.

You can also reach the Expat Information Desk by phone +31 (0)76 560 7870 or email


Breda Brings It Together

Breda has more than enough room to provide and realize your business ambition. From top locations directly on major highways to city-center locations, close to the international train station. We are there for you if you have any questions. Breda Brings it Together. That’s our motto for a reason. Check out more about Breda in this video. 

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