Safe Business Breda (VOB, Veilig Ondernemend Breda)

Shop crime, subversion and cybercrime are more relevant than ever. As an entrepreneur, you don't always think about this. What impact does it have on your company? Security risks such as store burglaries, a hacked POS system or being approached for money laundering. Hazards with a big impact, which we do not want to come into contact with. Not only for yourself, but also for your staff. For tips and information, you can contact Veilig Ondernemend Breda (VOB), the safety network for crime prevention for entrepreneurs. VOB is a communal effort, together with the Police and the Municipality of Breda. Together with entrepreneurs in the retail sector, Breda is working on safer (shopping) streets.


Retail Crime

Sooner or later, every retailer has to deal with retail crime. This can be in various forms, such as shoplifting, a robbery or aggressive customers. A growing problem that can often be tackled with simple means. In addition to retail crime, VOB is also committed to combating crime in the shopping street. A safe shopping street ensures that your customers like to come shopping. Therefore VOB focuses on crime prevention, quality of life in the neighbourhood, and your resilience.



Corruption or organized crime happens where criminals in the underworld make use of facilities of the upper world (such as companies), such as for money laundering. Corruption degrades the safety and liveability of shopping streets or neighbourhoods, resulting in dangerous situations and loss of turnover. Illegal entrepreneurship also creates distortions of competition, damaging legitimate entrepreneurs. Early detection of this problem is important!



Digital crime is growing rapidly but is often not high on an entrepreneur’s priority list. As a result, the number of cybercrime victims among entrepreneurs has skyrocked, with major damage as a result.  Cybercriminals have new ways to get into your system, so the virus scanner against malicious software is no longer sufficient. With a few simple steps, you can protect yourself and your company from cybercriminals.


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VOB cannot do this alone, they need your help! Sign up for the network by sending an email to and stay informed about safe business practices. In order to keep the network properly informed, reliable input is very important. Therefore, keep your eyes and ears open and quickly report any changes in the security situation. For instance, thefts, suspicious situations, or people who influence the safety of the business climate.

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