Innovation district

We are working on physical places where innovation visibly comes together in the city. And connecting existing and new, innovative, and creative work locations. Such as the TripleO Campus, STEK and Electron. We do this together with the most important parties in this ecosystem. After all, in Breda we do business together! The light at the end of the tunnel? A central meeting place, physical hotspot for entrepreneurs, government, and education; the Innovation District. Where meeting and innovation merge. Like a living room with a ‘new Breda’ innovation ambiance! In this way, we stimulate innovation and create an attractive working environment for a new economy and cohesive talent.


TripleO Campus

TripleO campus is the centre for applied technology and creativity in Breda and the surrounding area. A green and quiet oasis in the city. Together, more than 100 companies and professionals from different disciplines work here. The campus is all about networking.



Are you a sustainable entrepreneur? Then you will probably recognize that your idea often does not fit within existing guidelines or financing models. That is why Breda has a temporary rule-free zone with about 25 entrepreneurs. Do you also have circular plans? Then contact us and be sure to take a look at STEK at the Veilingkade.

You can read more about this topic on our 'Sustainable entrepreneurship' page.



More than 70 free spirited image makers work in 30 studios in the Electron breeding ground. This former Breda factory a source of inspiration for everyone with the MotMot gallery, workshops and event spaces located between the studios. Electron is centrally located in the harbour quarter, which is undergoing a renovation. This, together with the Klavers Jansen site, is the cultural heart of this area.

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