Naturally, coordinating your financial affairs is a priority. Subsidies and financial schemes are available for various initiatives. This way you can execute your plans better, bring about innovations or co-create with other entrepreneurs to get a project off the ground! There are several options for subsidies.

SME-financing guide

Which capital providers are appropriate for your business and for which schemes are you eligible?  In a few steps, the SME financing guide gives insight into funding solutions in your immediate environment. There are more than you realise! Put it to the test. Click here below and simply fill in a few details. With the push of a button, you get an overview of your possibilities (only in Dutch).

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National Regulations

National schemes are mainly from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, RVO). Their website includes a funding guide to search specifically for suitable subsidies.

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European Regulations

Europe also offers subsidies and schemes for Dutch entrepreneurs and companies, often with specific conditions. For example, sometimes you have to work together with a partner from abroad. Many schemes are about the development of innovative or sustainable products or services.

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Municipality of Breda subsidies

The Municipality of Breda also has various subsidies. The regulations, rules and grant ordinance can be found on the website. In addition, it provides answers to questions about taxes and income support. One special subsidy is for applied technology and creativity, thus projects that contribute to the goals of Breda’s Economic Vision. These are specifically projects where new technology and creativity are central and that contribute to strengthening the economic strength and employment in Breda.

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The website of the contains information about various subsidy schemes. You will find concrete practical examples for which the regulations apply. In addition, this website provides an overview of tax regulations. For example, those for personnel or R&D activities.

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Economy, knowledge, and talent development - subsidy for innovative startups

Start-up SMEs are eligible for a subsidy from the province for projects aimed at the development of innovative products, services, or production processes.

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Eurostars subsidy programme

SMEs wanting to accelerate the process of bringing new products, processes or services to market can make use of the Eurostars programme. This project stimulates market-oriented technological development, in which an SME collaborates with at least one partner from a Eurostars country. This alliance offers companies the opportunity to gain access to new markets, knowledge of another country’s expertise and available technologies and to share development risks.

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