Starting and growing

Starting a business can be overwhelming. Often, you’ll need some help or advice with it. We offer that support. Entrepreneurship also requires innovation and growth. Business models need regular overhaul. Digitalisation and sustainable entrepreneurship? Definitely! But how? We offer the right expertise and tools that you can start using immediately.

Setting up a business in the Netherlands

It is fairly easy to start a business, you need to register it at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) and sign up for Dutch taxes. Of course, you should first thoroughly analyse the market you want to enter. And a proper business plan is essential if you are looking for investors.

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We are firmly committed to coaching and training (regular) start-ups. But there are also special programs for innovative start-ups. For a start-up, an international approach, mindset and access to capital are essential. A program on a regional scale helps you grow and ensures that you are not alone.

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Next step for SMES

Nearly a third of SMEs expect that their business model will need to be overhauled within a decade. Digitalisation, internationalisation, changing consumer demands and new forms of collaboration all put existing business processes under pressure. We encourage interaction between sectors, especially technology, creative fields, and SMEs.

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Sustainability is perhaps the theme of this decade. We are making enterprising Breda more and more circular. After all, the Netherlands has to be CO2 neutral by 2050. 

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Need help with starting or growing?

We are here for you!

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have about doing business in Breda and offer the help you need.