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Financial matters, subsidies & regulations

What European subsidies are there for me as an entrepreneur?

A large part of the European Union's expenditure is for subsidy schemes, funds and other funding for companies, governments, and researchers, to achieve the objectives of the different EU policies. See the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) for more information.

What national subsidies are available for me as an entrepreneur (via the central government)?

Are you looking for a subsidy or financing scheme? This subsidy guide lists all subsidies and schemes that are open for an application. We carry out these subsidies and financing schemes on behalf of various ministries and the European Union. Check the website of RVO for more information.

What business subsidies does the municipality of Breda offer to me?

The municipality supports initiatives by organizations and citizens of Breda that contribute to the policy goals. Check out the website for more info.

I want to place a terrace, signboard or construction container. Where can I find information about concession tax?

You pay concession taxes for objects on, above or in municipal land, for example a terrace, signboard, or construction container. Check the municipality’s website for more information.

Where can I find information about the Dutch Tax Administration?

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