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I am looking for a Business plot in Breda. How can I find it?

The municipality has business plots at various locations. Happy to look with you, including the municipal plots but also private development locations. Check out the municipality's website for more information and check out our page on business locations.

How do I get in touch with the Stadsmakelaar (City realtor) Breda?

The Stadsmakelaar Breda is part of the Municipality of Breda and offers building plots, homes, business premises, green strips (fragmented municipal plots, so-called ‘snippergroen’) and agricultural plots. Check the website of the municipality  for more information.

I am a start-up entrepreneur and I am looking for a suitable location. Where can I establish myself as a starter?

- Incubator Breda, a breeding ground for starting companies (provides units, coaching)
- Business Coach Breda, where starting companies are linked to vacant buildings in the city.

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