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Breda Game City

Breda Game City is a non-profit organisation that focuses on the stimulation of the video games industry in Breda and the promotion of a professional, healthy, and creative environment for the industry.

Breda Robotics

Together, We Design the Future. That is Breda Robotics’ slogan! Actively applying robotics and other industry 4.0 technology (such as AI, VR, AR), with a significant impact on our economic talent, with a future in the region.


Breda Circular

At the Breda Circular Foundation, everything comes together around circularity.  Breda circular is at the foundation of new sustainable partnerships for hospitality, food, construction, and biobased design. Want to know more about sustainable entrepreneurship? See also the page on the subject.


Logistics Community Brabant (LCB) brings entrepreneurs, education, government, and research together for logistics innovations in North Brabant, today and tomorrow.


Ask yourself: has the world really gotten better since you’ve been in business and has your entrepreneurship contributed to that? Let's make an impact!

Sports Vitality Hub

The Sports Vitality Hub is for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to strengthen a healthy and sustainable work, learning and living environment. Like-minded people who inspire each other, learn from each other and invest together in a sustainable, healthy and resilient society.


The logistics sector is economically important for the Netherlands. The world is changing with technological developments, demographic shifts, and fashionable economic transitions. The logistics sector continues to innovate to maintain its leading position.

City of Imagineers

City of Imagineers strengthens the creative industry and helps clients to harness the power of imagination. They take the leap that requires ingenuity. Here clients find the creative professionals they need to move forward.

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