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De Krogten Business Park

De Krogten

Characteristic and traditional

De Krogten Business Park, established in 1959, is one of the oldest in Breda. Restructuring and revitalization have kept the business park contemporary and sustainable.

With an area of approximately 225 hectares and attractive business conditions, De Krogten is important for employment in Breda.

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Overview of the De Krogten Breda Business Park


De Krogten Business Park is within a few minutes on the A16 motorway, to Rotterdam and Tilburg. The A27 motorway to Utrecht is also nearby, and, of course, the A59.


The business park is located north of the city center. This well-established business site has been thoroughly updated to modern standards. The Krogten is located near the A16 and A27 motorways, the water, the railway, and the city centre.

De Krogten

In a nutshell

  • Characteristic and traditional
  • Modern and durable
  • Attractive business conditions
  • Healthy Business Association De Krogten
  • Mixed business park


At the moment there are no plots available on De Krogten Business Park. Are you interested in a possible development location? Please contact Team Breda Business.

De Krogten Business Park is a mixed+ business park. It is characterised by few large companies in the (chemical) industry, trade and construction and transport sectors. Breda’s ice rink and the future Talent Centre are nearby De Krogten.

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