English-language online entrepreneurial platform reinforces Breda’s international ambitions and community


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Breda has ‘bringing it together’ in its DNA. Whether you established in Breda years ago or are considering settling here. In Breda, we do business together. For, and by, enterprising Breda. And far beyond. With her gaze firmly set on the future as an international hotspot for applied technology & creativity. Regionally, nationally, and internationally. To be able to provide international entrepreneurs with the right knowledge, help, and inspiration, the online entrepreneurial platform (an initiative of the municipality of Breda) is now also available in English. This platform provides information/guidance on various current themes in the field of entrepreneurship. From establishment to staffing; from innovation to sustainable entrepreneurship. This requires quick responses and working closely with various organizations, specialists, and international partners such as the Brabant Development Agency (BOM) and Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

Putting Breda on the international map

Alderman Boaz Adank: "Breda has a lot to offer, we work and innovate together here: education, government and entrepreneurs. We want to put Breda on the international map as a hotspot for applied technology and creativity. And attract both talent and business to our city. is in many cases the first introduction for interested parties and they do not always speak Dutch. The English version of our entrepreneurial platform ensures that this group also immediately feels welcome in our hospitable city."

The city’s unifying power

Breda is an entrepreneurial city with strong SMEs and a solid international network. With this as a unifying power, we receive people from all cultures and corners of the world and incorporate them into our society. Breda has more than enough space to fulfill their ambitions. From prime locations directly on all highways to right in the city center, close to the international rail station.

Breda is already home to large international companies such as Sun Nuclear, Lamb Weston / Meijer and ZEISS and wants to further expand its unique position. It is important that the city is, and remains, attractive for international companies and international talent. For example, international companies ensure above-average investments in Research & Development, create high-quality employment and the spin-off business of these companies is extensive. They contribute to a strong economy and the growth of the city.

Building an international expat community

The foundations are firmly laid. The international school offers primary and secondary education. Breda has two knowledge institutions that are among the top of the Netherlands, Avans University of Applied Sciences and Breda University  of Applied Sciences (BUAS). This attracts a growing number of foreign higher-vocational students and creates a rich pool of talent. Breda warmly welcomes internationals through ‘Breda Internationals,’ the network of the international community. This goes hand-in-hand with attracting and retaining international talent to achieve the economic goals and to develop Breda into an international hotpot in applied technology and creativity.


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