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I have questions about doing business in Breda. How do I get in touch with the municipality as an entrepreneur?

Team Breda Business is ready for you. We are happy to help you. Via Contact you will find different ways to reach us.

What is the entrepreneur consultation hour? How do you sign up for this?

Entrepreneurs with a plan, comment or question about the economy, employment, and use plans, or contacts within the municipality are welcome at the business consultation hour of Boaz Adank, alderman for Economic Affairs. You can register for the entrepreneur consultation hour via Please send us your question and explanation in the email.

I am looking for information about municipal purchasing. As an entrepreneur, how do I qualify for municipal contracts for supplies, services and works? How do I register for the purchasing consultation hour?

During the monthly purchasing consultation hour, entrepreneurs ask questions directly to the municipal buyers. Entrepreneurs receive information about how the municipallity purchasing works. How entrepreneurs are eligible for municipal contracts for supplies, services and works. We cannot answer questions about specific (ongoing) tendering procedures.

Sign up for the hour at In the mail please include your question and explanation.

How do I digitize as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is looking ahead. Constantly adapting to new techniques, to the wishes of the customer, adjusting your revenue model and including your people in all this. It’s quite a challenge. You're not alone. MKB West-Brabant helps with projects, tools, and events. To take new steps together towards a bright, healthy future. Click here to view the website of MKB Vernieuwt or contact us.

How do I do business sustainably?

Do you have a sustainable mission and are you looking for like-minded people or (sparring) partners to accelerate the circular transition together? Then we would like to welcome you to Breda Circulair Foundation, an initiative and platform for and by sustainable entrepreneurs, the Municipality of Breda and Avans University of Applied Sciences. Do you have a circular issue, and want to connect with others, do you want to delve into environmental entrepreneurship or do you need (structurally) reusable material or are you available? With the Breda Ecosystem, we bring circular organisations, initiatives and supply and demand into clear focus. View the website of Breda Circulair or get in touch with us.

What do I do with industrial waste?

For the collection of small business waste, you conclude a contract with the municipality. This applies to offices, shops, small businesses, and non-profit institutions. Check the municipality’s website for more information or contact us.

I want to park my car. Do I need a parking permit?

Check the municipality's website for more information.

I have a few questions about safe & secure entrepreneurship/business. Where do you get answers?

You will receive answers to your questions about safe & secure entrepreneurship or business from the specialists of Safe Business Breda (Veilig Ondernemend Breda). See here for more information or get in touch with us and we'll help you out further!

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Team BredaBusiness is here for you!

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